The Barcelona Edition Hotel

The new project posits a change of use for the existing office building, along with complete rehabilitation of the spaces within, by building a new skin that results from the tension between the new typology and the urban spaces surrounding the building.The design for the hotel responds to this dual nature. On the one hand the ground floor with its double-height openings provides continuity with, and complements, the commercial activity of the market. On the other, the volumetry and the outer skin are modulated in a different way, as per the singularities of the urban fabric and their immediate public space.


Barcelona, Spain
Principal Use

Site Area

Building Area

Total Floor Area

629.00 ㎡
Number of Stories

11 + 2 underground

Design Period

2014.04 ~ 2015.06
Construction Period

2015.07 ~ 2018.04

Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB)

OAB is an office founded in 2005. It is based on what has been learned in previous years from Carlos Ferrater's experience (since 1971). OAB picks up on the trajectory of the earlier studio, whilst incorporating new ways of understanding architecture on the part of the members of the team in a richer, more varied and more flexible way of approaching project design.